Student Organization Fundraising

To be approved, proposed student organization fund raising projects must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Projects may not in any way interfere with nonna] academic programs or functions.
  2. Requests should be submitted to tihe Department of Student Ufo at least one week prior to the proposed event
  3. The proposed project must not interfere with existing CoUege operated s,enrices or contracts. Projects involving the sale or distribution of a commercially pr,epared product or service, or a prod 'Ct or service that may be available through an existing College operations service or a College or State contract with a commercial vendor, may be subject to the Campus Solicitation Policy by a on-College vendor.
  4. Priority for requests will be given to fund raising activities that are
    1. Educational in nature or directly related to the curriculum,
    2. For philanthropic purposes, or
    3. For the benefit of a large segment of the College population. Fund raising requests will not be granted for the personal benefit of an individual.
  5. A contract, if applicable, must be signed by the Director of Student Life.
  6. Activities involving student organization fund raising or other projects covered by these guidelines are subject to the following:
    1. Door to door residence hall contact is prohibited.
    2. Use of campus mail is prohibited.
    3. Fund raising is not permitted in buildings and other closed areas. Fund raising may be conducted only in such open areas as designated by the Department of Student Life.
    4. An organization may not use coercive acts that might intimidate those persons from whom support is sought.
  7. Fund raising activities by a registered College of Charleston student activity for political, religious, or public issue purposes that do not involve the sale of a product shall be regulated only as to time, place, and manner in the following ways:
    1. Such fund raising activities may be conducted at the Stem Student Center, the Stem gardens, Cougar Mall., or Physician's Promenade as designated by the Director of Student Life.
    2. Fund raising may not be conducted in ofifoes, classrooms, food fucili ties, and other bui ldings or open areas of tlhe campus.
    3. An organization may not use coercive acts that might intimidate thos.e persons from whom support is sought.
    4. Willful failure to comply with these rules will be grounds for denial of future requests to use the approved campus areas.
  8. The Director of Student Life must approve all street closings for fund raising events such as street dances or any other activity taking place on city streets.. The Department of Public Safety must receive the request two weeks prior to the event in order to request a permit from the City of Charleston for a street closing.