Any procurement where the total cumulative value of the goods and services is $2,500 or less, and a purchasing card is used shall be exempt from all College Procurement Policies except for the conditions outlined in the Purchasing Card Manual (see The College’s Procurement Office is the central authority for the procurement of goods and services required by any College department or operating unit. Unless specifically exempted, or excluded, all procurements must be made in accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code, rules and regulations, and those College policies and procedures prescribed by the Director of Procurement. Such College policies and procedures include, but are not limited to, the Procurement Services and Supply Manual (see and all other guidelines, forms, policies, and procedures on the Procurement website (see

The following procurements are exempt from the application of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and from all College Procurement Policies;

  1. Agreements between two or more units, divisions or departments of the College;
  2. Procurements made with certain Federal funds, but only to the extent provided for in S.C. Code Ann. §11- 35-40(3);
  3. Gifts and the issuance of grants1 and scholarships by the College;
  4. Other supplies as may, from time to time, be exempted under the Procurement Code and College Procurement Policies

Notwithstanding the exclusion described in the first sentence of this Section C. (dealing with Contracts of $2,500 or less), the Office of Procurement reserves the right to review any Contract, on a case by case basis, regardless of the dollar amount.