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Policy List

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. Business, Financial and Accounting
  3. Communications, Marketing and Branding
  4. Development and Fundraising
  5. [Reserved]
  6. Facility and Event Management
  7. Faculty and Unclassified Administrators
  8. Health, Safety and Law Enforcement
  9. Human Resources/Human Relations
  10. Information Technology
  11. Access to and Retention of Records
  12. Student
  13. Handbooks

1. Board of Trustees
1.1 By-Laws of the College of Charleston Board of Trustees
2. Business, Financial and Accounting
2.1 Auxiliary Enterprises
2.1.1 Copy Center Services
2.1.2 Campus Solicitation and Vendor Policy
2.1.3 Campus Solicitation by Non-College Customers
2.2 Budgeting and Accounting
2.2.1 Scholarships, Fellowships, Stipends, Prizes, Awards
2.2.2 Code of Conduct for the Administration of Title IV, HEA Loan Programs Regular Disbursements Prepaid Expenses Cash Receipts Policy Credit/Debit Card Policy Change Fund Policy Institutional Tuition and Fees Refund Policy
2.2.4 Petty Cash Funds Policy
2.3 Contracting, Purchasing, Payables, Receivables
2.3.1 Contracting Authority to Contract
2.3.2 Purchasing Vendor Relations Tax Payer Identification Petty Cash Reimbursements Policy
2.4 Payroll
2.4.1 Payroll and Leave Policy Changes
2.5 Travel
2.5.1 Travel--General
2.5.2 Student-Group Travel Policy
2.6 Property Management and Accountability
2.6.1 Inventory Control Procedures for Accounting of College Property
2.7 Loan Administration
2.8 Vehicle Use
2.8.1 Vehicle Use Policy Vehicle Use Policy Supplement
3. Communications, Marketing and Branding
3.1 Advertising
3.1.1 Advertising Placement and Payment
3.2 Brand Manual, Visual Identity and Style Guide
3.2.1 Brand Manual, Visual Identity and Style Guide Policy
3.3 College Marks, Logos and Indicias
3.3.1 Use of the College of Charleston Wordmark
3.3.2 Use of the College of Charleston Seal
3.3.3 Other Logos, Marks or Graphics
3.4 College Business System
3.4.1 Business Cards
3.4.2 Letterhead and Envelopes
3.5 Events
3.5.1 Political Candidates, Parties and Campaigns
3.6 Licensing
3.6.1 Licensing of Merchandise for Sale
3.7 Media Relations Policies
3.7.1 Press Releases and Statements
3.7.2 Editorials
3.7.3 Letters for the Editor
3.8 Photography and Filming
3.8.1 Photography and Filming on Campus
3.8.2 Commercial Use of Images
3.8.3 Copyrighted Photography
3.9 Signage
3.9.1 Building Signage
3.9.2 Vehicle and Non-Building Signage
3.9.3 Signage: Banners, Signs and Posted Material
4. Development and Fundraising
4.1 Expense Reimbursement Policy
4.2 Gift Acceptance Policy
5. [Reserved]
5.1 FOIA Request
6. Facility and Event Management
6.1 Access to and Use of Facilities
6.1.1 Admission to Recreation Facilities
6.1.2 Amplified Sound Policy
6.1.3 Policy on Pets on Campus
6.1.4 Reserved for Future Use
6.1.5 Tobacco-Free Campus
6.1.6 Tailgate Policy
6.1.7 Weddings and College Venues
6.1.8 Service and Assistance Animal Policy
6.2 Landscaping
6.2.1 Landscaping Policy
6.3 Event Management (including Vendors)
6.3.1 Alcohol Use on Campus or During College Sponsored Events
7. Faculty and Unclassified Administrators
7.1 Appointments, Terms and Records of Faculty and Unclassified Administrators
7.1.1 College Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policies (FAM V.A)
7.1.2 Contracts of Untenured Faculty and Unclassified Academic Administrators (FAM V.B)
7.1.3 Reduction in Force for Faculty and Unclassified Administrators (FAM VII.D)
7.1.4 Probationary Appointments for Tenure-track Faculty (FAM V.D)
7.1.5 Courtesy Faculty Appointments (FAM III.E)
7.1.6 Emeriti Faculty Appointments (FAM III.F)
7.1.7 Retirement Teaching Policy (AA)
7.1.8 Faculty and Unclassified Administrator Records (FAM V.C)
7.1.9 Terms of Faculty Employment and Workload (FAM V.F)
7.1.10 Outside Employment of Faculty (FAM V.G)
7.1.11 Modification of Duties (FAM V.J)
7.2 Evaluation and Termination of Unclassified Administrators
7.2.1 Evaluation of Unclassified Administrators (first part of FAM V.E)
7.2.2 Dismissal of Unclassified Administrators (second paragraph/section of FAM V.E)
7.2.3 Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Administrators and Faculty Members Grieving Matters related to Administrative Appointments (third part of FAM V.E)
7.3 Evaluation of Faculty
7.3.1 Third-year Review, Tenure and Promotion of Instructional Faculty (FAM VI.A)
7.3.2 Promotion of Instructors (FAM VI.B)
7.3.3 Third-year Review, Tenure and Promotion of Library Faculty (FAM VI.C)
7.3.4 Procedures for Third-year Evaluation, Tenure and Promotion of Instructional and Library Faculty (FAM VI.D)
7.3.5 Annual Evaluation of Instructional and Library Faculty (FAM VI.E)
7.3.6 Merit Categories & Salary Increases (FAM VI.F)
7.3.7 Tenure Clock Modifications (FAM VI.G)
7.3.8 Post Tenure Review (FAM VI.H)
7.4 Conduct of Faculty and Administrators
7.4.1 Prohibition of and Reporting Responsibilities for Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse - see Human Resources/Human Relations: Personnel: Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment and Reporting Responsibilities for Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse
7.4.2 Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics (FAM IV.B)
7.4.3 Statement of Academic Freedom (FAM IV.C)
7.4.4 Faculty Responsibilities to Students, including Religious Accommodation (FAM VIII.A)
7.4.5 Students with Disabilities (FAM VIII.C) - see Student: Student Services: Center for Disability Services
7.4.6 Consensual Relations Policy (FAM IV.D)
7.4.7 Student Grievance Procedures - see Student: Student Rights: Student Grievance
7.4.8 Policy for Misconduct in Research and Scholarship (FAM VII.E)
7.4.9 Procedures for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research and Scholarship (FAM VII.F)
7.4.10 Nepotism (FAM V.H)
7.5 Faculty Discipline, Misconduct, and Termination
7.5.1 Policy Governing Termination (FAM VII.A)
7.5.2 Discipline of Faculty Members (FAM VII.B)
7.5.3 Termination of Tenured Faculty “For Cause” and Termination Procedure (FAM VII.C)
7.5.4 Grievances Before the Faculty Hearing Committee (FAM X.I)
7.6 Selected Administrative Policies for Faculty and Other Employees
7.6.1 Faculty Leave Policies Sick Leave (FAM X.A.1) Leave of Absence (FAM X.A.2) Family and Medical Leave (FAM X.A.3) Annual Leave (FAM X.A.4) Leave with Pay (FAM X.A.5) Sabbatical Leave (FAM X.A.6)
7.6.2 Research and Development (FAM X.B)
7.6.3 Policy Affecting Travel and Entertainment (FAM X.C)
7.6.4 Reimbursement for Approved Expenditures by Faculty Members and Administrators (FAM X.D)
7.6.5 Purchases by Faculty and Staff (FAM X.E)
7.6.6 Legal Assistance (FAM X.F)
7.6.7 Technology Transfer (Patent) Policy (FAM X.H)
7.6.8 Substantive Change
7.6.9 Course Numbering
7.6.10 Course Syllabi
7.7 Office of Research and Grants Administration
7.7.1 Receipt and Administration of External Funds – Defining Sponsored Projects and Charitable Giving
7.7.2 Protection of Human Research Participants
7.7.3 Policy on Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research and Instruction
7.7.4 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Governance
7.7.5 Financial Interest (Conflict of Interest) Disclosure Policy for Sponsored Projects and Research
7.7.6 External Request to Recruit Research Participants
7.7.7 Application for, Receipt of, and Administration of Sponsored Project Funds
8. Health, Safety and Law Enforcement
8.1 Public Safety
8.1.1 Bias Based Profiling
8.1.2 Hate Crime Reporting
8.1.3 Crime Prevention and Community Relations
8.1.4 Barring Notice
8.1.5 Admitting Applicants for Enrollment with a Criminal or Disciplinary History
8.1.6 Access Control
8.2 Emergency Response
8.2.1 Emergency Preparedness and Management Plan
8.3 Environmental Health and Safety
8.3.1 Chemical Hygiene Policy and Plan
8.4 Preventive Health and Safety
8.4.1 Policy for Meningitis Vaccination
8.5 Transportation Safety
8.5.1 Bicycle Operation and Parking
8.5.2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
9. Human Resources/Human Relations
9.1 Personnel
9.1.1 Student Employment - see Handbooks, Student Employment Handbook
9.1.2 Employee Code of Conduct
9.1.3 Progressive Discipline
9.1.4 Compensation Policy – Classified Employees
9.1.5 Dual Employment Policy and Procedure
9.1.6 Employee Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Policy on Alcohol and Illicit Drug Testing Operating Procedures to Implement the College of Charleston Policy on Alcohol and Illicit Drug Testing
9.1.7 Alien Tax Status
9.1.8 Employee Performance Management System (EPMS)
9.1.9 Ethics Policy
9.1.10 Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment and Abuse
9.1.11 ADA and Disability Access
9.1.12 Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and E-Verify Policy
9.1.13 Intellectual Property
9.2 Personnel
9.2.1 Background Checks
9.2.2 Reduction in Force Policy
9.2.3 Temporary Employment Policy/Procedure
9.3 Benefits
9.3.1 Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
9.3.2 Leave Benefits (classified)
9.3.3 Hours of Work Policy
9.3.4 Law Enforcement Hours of Work Policy
9.3.5 Modification of Duties for New Faculty Parents
9.3.6 Extended Disability Notification
9.3.7 Staff Training Program
9.3.8 Lactation Policy
9.3.9 Leave Transfer Pool Program
9.4 Employee Grievances
9.4.1 Staff Grievance Policy and Procedure
10. Information Technology
10.1 Information Technology Policy Formation
10.2 Desktop Computing Support Policy
10.3 Standards for Desktop Computing Hardware and Software Development
10.4 Deployment Software for Desktop Management
10.5 Antivirus Software Policy
10.6 Wireless Network Policy
10.7 Procedures for Developing, Purchasing, Maintaining Smart/ Laptop- Ready/ Computer Classrooms
10.8 Admin Systems Outage Notification Process
10.9 Network File Storage Policy (Draft)
10.10 Cellular Telephone/ Ready-Link Services
10.11 DNS Standards within the Domain (Draft)
10.12 Network Infrastructure Use Policy
10.13 Guidelines and Procedures for Blocking Network Access (Draft)
10.14 Guidelines and Staff Interim E-mail Policy (Interim)
10.15 Student E-mail Policy
10.16 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing (html)
Appendix A:Sample Annual Notice
Appendix B:Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix C:Summary of Penalties for Violation of Federal Copyright Laws
Appendix D and E: Periodic Review of Policy Effectiveness and Legal Alternatives for Downloading or Otherwise Acquiring Copyrighted Material
10.17 Mobile Websites and Mobile Applications
10.18 Website Privacy Policy (html)
10.19 Data Loss Prevention Policy
11. Access to and Retention of Records
11.1 Privacy Policy and Procedure
11.1 Privacy Policy and Procedure
11.2 Family Educational Rights and Privacy; Final Rule
11.2 Family Educational Rights and Privacy; Final Rule
11.3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notice to Students
11.3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notice to Students
11.4 Retention and Destruction of Records
11.4.1 General Records Retention Schedules for State Colleges and Universities
11.4.2 General Records Retention Schedules for Data processing and Electronic Records
11.4.3 Department Specific Schedules of Broad Applicability Course Evaluations Cougar Card Agreement Risk Management Insurance Claims Student Employment Personnel Files Student Medical Information File (Center for Disability Services) Placement Tests and Attendance Data (Center for Student Learning) Students’ Graded Exams, Papers and Homework Research Compliance and Protocols Contract Release File (Residence Life and Housing) Students Court Subpoenas (Summer Sessions) Legal Residency Office
11.5 Electronic Transactions
11.5.1 Policy on Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
12. Student
12.1 Academic
12.1.1 Academic Regulations - see Handbooks: Undergraduate Catalog
12.1.2 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility - see Handbooks: Undergraduate Catalog
12.1.3 Verification of Legal Presence—Interim Implementation Process
12.1.4 Class Absences - see Student: Student Services: Student Health Services - Absences from Class
12.1.5 Assignment of Credit Hours
12.1.6 Policy for Applicants for Undergraduate Admission
12.1.7 Policy for Applicants for Graduate Admission
12.2 Housing
12.2.2 Missing Students – Residential Students Only
12.3 Student Activities
12.3.1 Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs Standard of Conduct
12.3.2 Amplified Sound Policy - see Facility and Event Management: Access to and Use of Facilities: Amplified Sound Policy
12.3.3 Tailgate Policy - see Facility and Event Management: Access to and Use of Facilities: Tailgate Policy
12.3.5 Student Organizations Organization and Funding Policies Registered Organizations Sanctioned Organizations Changing Organization Status Annual Registration Dormancy Policies Student Organization Student Employment Confidentiality Hazing Statement Eligibility for Funding Basic Allocation Considerations Student Organizations Summit Series and Funding Eligibility for Semester Budget Funding Process Appeal to Semester Budget Contingency Funds Restrictions and Limitations Funds for Registered Organizations Funds for Sports Clubs Appeal to Contingency Decision College Fundraising Policies for Students Vendors - see also Business, Financial, and Accounting: Auxiliary Enterprises: Campus Solicitation and Vendor Policy Funding Limitations Expenditures and Reimbursements Event Sponsorship Organization Sponsored Events with Alcohol - see also Facility and Event Management: Event Management: Mandatory Procedures for the Use of Alcohol on Campus or During College Sponsored Events Event Management/Preparation Off-Campus Events Student Life - Travel and Travel Arrangements - see also Business, Financial and Accounting: Travel: Student-Group Travel Policy Dark Period Policy
12.3.6 Greek Life - see Student Conduct, Greek Life.
12.4 Student Conduct
12.4.1 Honor Code
12.4.2 Student Code of Conduct (See the Student Handbook)
12.4.3 Student Life Alcohol Policy
12.4.4 Good Samaritan Policy (Medical Amnesty Policy)
12.4.5 Student Life Drug Policy
12.4.6 Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
12.4.7 Parental Notification Policy
12.4.8 Off-campus Jurisdiction
12.4.9 Greek Life - Risk Management Policy
12.4.10 Classroom Code of Conduct
12.4.11 Consensual Relations Policy
12.5 Student Services
12.5.1 Career Center Student Employment Listing Employment and Internship Opportunities
12.5.2 Center for Disability Services Responsibilities of Students, Faculty, and the College for Students with Disabilities Confidentiality Policy for Faculty Regarding Disabled Students Alternative Courses for Core Requirements for Students with Disabilities Full-Time Status for Learning Disabled Students Procedures for Determining a Reduced Course Load and Full-Time Status for Disabled Students Final Exam Policy for SNAP Students Rights of Students with Disabilities
12.5.3 Students of Concern Committee and Involuntary Withdrawals Statement of Policy
12.5.4 Student Health Services—Absences from Class
12.6 Student Rights
12.6.1 Student Grievances (See the Student Handbook)
12.6.2 English Fluency Policy
12.6.3 Rights of Students under FERPA - see Access to and Retention of Records: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notice to Students
13. Handbooks

The following links are provided for convenience of the user. The Campus Wide Policy Formation Procedures do not apply to documents contained in these handbooks unless those documents also appear elsewhere in this listing.

13.1 Student Handbook
13.2 Sports Club Handbook
13.3 Employee Manual
13.4 Guide for Student Organizations
13.6 Guide to Residence Living (link is under Residence Life-- Policies and Procedures)
13.7 Faculty/Administration Manual
13.8 Undergraduate Catalog
13.9 Graduate Catalog
13.10 Study Abroad Program Director's Handbook
13.11 Brand Manual, Visual Identity and Style Guide
13.12 Emergency Response Handbook
13.13 Procurement Services and Supply Procedures Manual
13.14 Purchasing Card Manual
13.15 Annual Security and Fire Reports